Interactive Games!

We’re proud to offer high quality inflatables! All of our bounce houses serve the South Jersey area with pride. Below, you are looking at the newest style inflatable games in the industry! These inflatables turn any event into a day you’ll never forget! The interactive sensors in the allow the game to keep a score so the competition remains fierce, all day long!  More importantly, your guests will never forget how much they enjoy themselves! Because these games are electronic, we do require one of our Event Specialists to be an active attendant on the premises.


(Add-on to any other rental for only $199!)


(Add-on to any other rental for only $199!)


(Add-on to any other rental for only $199!)


It has been our goal for more than 5 years to deliver the best possible experience. South Jersey and the tri-state area is where we call home. We aren’t looking to spread ourselves thin, instead we want quality service. Therefore, each and every event we have the privilege of attending is our priority. With our brand new inflatables, (and more exciting products to come) we will continue to make sure your event gets better every year!

We bring the life to any birthday, graduation, anniversary… or really ANY party at all! As a part of the Empire family, you receive our promise that our priority is your peace of mind. We understand planning events can be stressful. So let us take some of the stress off of your plate. If our inflatable is not the only addition you want at your event, make sure you tell us. We have trusted partners that we can work with to bring everything your event needs!

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We would love to keep you updated on events happening in the Jersey, Philly, Delaware area. Drop us your email below and you’ll receive our monthly newsletter. Also, we promise not to send you spam or annoying promotions. So, it will be just our holiday specials and our monthly newsletter!

Frequently Asked Questions

We do not offer hourly pricing. All of our inflatables are priced as efficiently as possible. We price out our rentals at what we need in order to cover transportation and labor costs along with all other fixed expenses.

We ask that the yard is clear of leaves and especially of pet waste. We are dog lovers ourselves, but no one wants to clean dog poop off of the inflatable! Trust us!

Other than that, we only need you to be prepared to point to where you’d like our inflatable set up!

With over 10 years experience we have seen many different scenarios. Leaving an inflatable on a lawn for 24 hours has never damaged the grass. With that being said, inflatables using water can cause lawn damage. If the water is left on or repeat walking and jumping occurs in the same spot the grass can be damaged. Empire Events LLC assumes no liability for damage to our customers’ lawns.

Inflatables cannot be operated in the rain. All inflatables must be turned off if it begins raining after our team sets them up. Winds exceeding 20 miles per hour will also require the inflatables to be turned off. There are no refunds or discounts for inclement weather interrupting your event. We want beautiful weather for our bounce houses too!

We can provide a generator upon request for an additional $150 rental cost. 

In place of a generator, we required access to a dedicated circuit for each inflatable. Each inflatable blower will use 10amps and some inflatables require two blowers. There are no refunds or discounts for issues related to property electrical.

Each inflatable has it’s own total weight limit. See the listing of the inflatable you’re interested in to learn the total weight limit for that inflatable. 


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